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Welcome to WeStatiX documentation! Here you can find all the information you need to use this finite element structural analysis software.

Why WeStatiX?

WeStatiX allows you to create and analyze a 3D structural model completely online, in your favorite web browser, without installing any software!

modelli elementi finiti

In a few minutes you can build any finite element model, apply the boundary conditions and launch the analysis in the cloud. Then you can visualize internal actions, deformation, reaction forces and much more!

With WeStatiX you have the possibility to access your projects and calculate them from anywhere in the world by accessing via web browser from any device, whether it’s a laptop computer, a tablet or your smartphone: you won’t waste time in installation and updates, you won’t occupy Gigabytes in your computer. Everything is done entirely in the cloud.

Thanks to the WeStatiX platform it is easy to share your finite element models with your friends and colleagues, just send a link. In the same way you can share your most interesting projects on any social network!

What else can you do with WeStatiX? Read more about its features.


Get started with WeStatiX!

If you don’t have an account yet, register and join the Community.

When you are done, log in and start doing your simulations online.

Create your model

Creating your finite element model with WeStatiX is simple, thanks to its online graphical interface!

Following the Tab Bar you define

Then launch the analysis and read the results, always in the cloud.

Tutorials & Validation Examples

With WeStatiX you can share your projects with whoever you want, we share our tutorials with you. Many of them are also taken as examples of validation, to demonstrate the reliability of WeStatiX.

Can’t find an answer to your questions? Try to consult the FAQ or contact us!