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Assign the characteristics, material and section parameters to the structural elements you have created!

Select PROPERTIES on the Tab Bar.


Select Materials in the Entity Tree, then click New in the Data Panel.

All materials you create will be displayed numbered in the Entity Tree.


Select Database in the Data panel.

Next choose the type of material and the relevant standards. WeStatiX has a library of materials with all mechanical properties in accordance with the main standards (such as EN, ACI, CSA, ASTM, IS).

In the library you will find

  • Aluminium
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Pretended steel
  • Reinforcement steel
  • Structural steel
  • Wood


If the material you are looking for is not available in the library, you can create a new one by selecting Parametric in the Data panel.

Fill in the fields assigning the values to the required parameters. If you select this option after choosing the material from Database, you will find its parameters within the various fields.

Remember to fill in Name, then press Save. The material thus defined will remain saved in your personal library also for your future projects.

My materials

Select My materials in the Data panel. If you have already saved materials on Parametric, you can find your private database here!


Generate cross-sections to assign to Members! Select Members sections in the Entity Tree, then press New in the Data Panel.

Generate all the necessary sections for your structure! You will find them numbered in the Entity Tree.

Remember to match the material by filling in the Material field, then choose one of the following options.


WeStatiX allows you to create a section with any shape. Select Custom in the Data Panel.

You can create your own section using the Section Editor.


Select Database in the Data Panel: you can choose the section from the library provided on WeStatiX.

In the drop-down menu available under Cross-section shape the following section types are at your disposal

  • rectangular
  • circular
  • C-section
  • L-section
  • I-section

Standard/Manufacturer selects the reference standard or the manufacturer referred to for the section you prefer.

Next select in Cross-section the section you want.

You can filter what you see in Cross-section by typing in the Section filter field.

By clicking Calculate you will get all the parameters that define your section.

The basic geometric information of the chosen section will be shown in the following fields


If you cannot find the cross-section you are looking for in the WeStatiX database, you can always create a new one.

Select Parametric in the Entity Tree.

In the Section type menu you can select the section type. You can choose between:

  • Generic section
  • Rectangular section
  • Circular section
  • I-section
  • T-section
  • L-section
  • Double L section
  • C-section
  • Box section

You can specify the geometric parameters of the section in the proposed fields.

In Section Editor or Viewport 3D you can see your section take shape!

If you hit Calculate, WeStatiX will calculate all parameters of the section!

Press Save: the section you just created will be saved in your personal library also for your future projects.

My Sections

If you have already saved sections on Parametric, you can find them in this section.

Select My sections in the Data panel.

In the Cross-section shape menu select the shape type of the section you are looking for.

In the Saved sections window you will find the sections you saved previously.

You can delete the selected section by pressing Delete.

In the fields below you are proposed the main geometric parameters of the section.

To calculate the properties of the calculated section, press Calculate.


After you have created the materials and cross-sections in the previous steps, you are ready to assign them to the elements that compose your structure.

Select Member properties in the Entity Tree, then press New in the Data Panel.

Assign a name to the property, then list the number of Members you want to apply it to.

Below specify in Section the section you want to associate to the current property, identifying it with its number.

Lastly, with reference to each Member‘s local reference system, select the internal constraints for the start and end nodes.


Select Shell properties in the Entity Tree, then press New in the Data Panel.

Assign a name to the property by filling in the Name field. Then list the Shell elements you want to apply it to. Specify the material and thickness to assign.