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Custom 3D Model

Build Your Structural Model

Build your structural model directly in the browser in a few minutes.

Cloud-Based Design Platform

Build Any Structural Model

An intuitive 3D CAD interface that allows you to build your structural model directly in the browser in a few minutes.

Finite Element Analysis Online

In addition to its famous Structural Health Monitoring capabilities, WeStatiX offers a versatile tool to build 3D structural model and perform FEM analysis directly in the browser. This is perfect to design and optimize new and existing structures, and later turn them into Digital Twins by connecting them with the sensors. WeStatiX has been designed by engineers for engineers, to improve all areas of their workflow!

Online Analysis

WeStatiX offers an intuitive 3D Web Application for structural analysis. Build a model quickly and efficiently, and run your analysis in minutes in the cloud.

Automated Workflow

Tired of complicated structural analysis software? WeStatiX has been specifically designed to simplify and automate the engineering workflow.

Highest Precision

Hundreds of validation tests have been carried out and compared to analytical solutions, in order to ensure the precision of WeStatiX results.

Join the community

With WeStatiX you can access a number of FEA models for structural design and, if you want, share your own with your colleagues!


All the tools you need to perform Finite Element Analysis online.

Online 3D CAD interface
Beam Calculation
Shell and Plate Analysis
Elastic Bedding
Distributed and Concentrated Loads
Torsion Moment Diagram
Structure Displacements
Rotation of Members
Online FEA
Column Calculation
Member Fixities
Member Spring Connections
3D Model Rendering
Load Combinations
Normal Force Diagram
Optimized Workflow
Reaction Forces
Contour Plot on Shells

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Cloud-Based Structural Analysis

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