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Powerful Twin Builder

Build Your Digital Twin In The Cloud

Import your BIM models or build them from scratch, and make them talk through IoT connections to sensors installed on site

A Revolutionary Cloud-Based Platform

Simulation Based Digital Twins

A unique cloud-based platform that is able to interpret the physical behaviour of a structure based on data provided by installed sensors, and predict its future through the use of artificial intelligence.

Real-Time Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring Via Digital Twin

With WeStatiX SHM, you can create custom digital twins for real-time monitoring of existing structures in the cloud. This is possible for many kinds of infrastructure, such as bridges, rock walls, slopes, dams, buildings, and many more!

Key Features

WeStatiX SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) is a novel solution that enables the virtual 3D inspection of existing structures through the web browser, automatic FE simulation, and predictive analysis of the future behaviour of the monitored structure. Our digital twins perform the continuous evaluation of the structural health on the basis of IoT sensors data, numerical simulation, and artificial intelligence. The digital twin model is not only a 3D model, but is the continuously updated counterpart of the physical structure.

Importing the BIM model

Import your file in a few clicks, create your digital twin via the powerful 3D virtual inspection; compatible with most third-party software. Powerful post processing and visualization of results with reporting/charting dashboard output

Connection To IoT Sensors

Guided connection of IoT sensors generating data streams from the field to the BIM model

Automatic Calibration

Automatic calibration of the digital twin based on inverse analysis and advanced FEM (Finite Element Method) structural analysis algorithms through the use of artificial intelligence


Continuous data analysis and model recalculation with identification of alarm thresholds

Case studies

Our projects

WeStatiX SHM targets the clear and reliable assessment of the state of the monitored objects and the facilitation of decision-making processes related to inspection and maintenance, as well as the minimization of the risk of structural damage or collapse.

our projects


Digital Twin For Tunnel Monitoring

Reliable tunnel digital twins can be built and synchronized with measurement data during and after the construction.

Slope Stability Digital Twin

Our system for inverse analysis calibration finds great application in geotechnics, especially for the monitoring of slope stability.

Highway Viaduct Digital Twin

Using sensor integration and advanced modeling tools we created a detailed digital representation of an highway viaduct.


All the tools to manage infrastructure in one single platform

Cloud-Based Structural Monitoring
BIM (Building Information Modeling) Integration
Predictive Maintenance and Analytics
Automated Numerical FE Simulation Execution
Physics-Informed AI Extrapolation
Strategic Data-Driven Decision Making
Robust Post-Processing System for Results
Interactive 3D Digital Twin Builder
Comprehensive Risk Assessment Tools
Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Compatibility
User-Friendly Interface with Contextual Assistance
Measurement-Based Simulations
Dynamic Model Calibration with Inverse Analysis Technique
Access Across All Devices

Make Infrastructure Digital

With our cloud-based monitoring platform

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Powerful 3D structural editor

Build Any Structural Model

In addition to its advanced monitoring functionality, WeStatiX offers an intuitive 3D editor that allows you to build your model directly in the browser.

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