Box girder bridge

Numerical simulation of a box girder bridge in reinforced concrete.

Bridge on piles

Simulation of a reinforced concrete bridge on pile foundations.

Highway overpass

Analysis of a reinforced concrete overpass with spread footings.

Office building

Structural analysis of a six floor office building in reinforced concrete.


Internal forces calculation in an aluminium scaffolding.

Truss rail bridge

Simulation of a truss bridge in structural steel.

Warehouse frame

Structural analysis of the rigid frame of a warehouse.

Water canal

Static analysis of a water canal subject to water pressure and earth pressure.

Cantilever beam

Structural analysis of a cantilever beam with multiple imposed loads.

Continuous beam

Analysis of a continuous with multiple imposed loads and support types.

2D frame - encastred

Analysis of a reinforced concrete frame encastred at its joints.

2D frame - rotating

Analysis of a reinforced concrete frame pinned at its joints.

Plate subject to uniform pressure

Structural analysis of a plate subject to uniform pressure.

Retaining wall

Cantilever retaining wall subject to earth pressure embedded in the ground.

Columns and shells

Calculation of a structure composed by columns and shells.

Supported beam

Analysis of a simply supported beam in reinforced concrete.

Timber roof truss

Internal forces calculation of a timber roof truss.

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