Performance Analysis

Highway Bridge Digital Twin

The digital twin concept extends throughout the entire life cycle of the bridge, from design and construction to maintenance.

Initial analysis

The Problem


The highway bridge had to be rebuilt, requiring also the installation of a temporary bridge

How to check that the maximum durability and safety is achieved?

How to optimize maintenance in order to extend the life of the infrastructure?
Analysis of utilization factor
Realistic model representation
Visualization of structural deformation
Interactive cloud-based interface

Solution and Value

The system enables the creation of Digital Twins of Infrastructure, which are automatically and continuously updated with data measured by any type of sensor installed on the work (e.g. fiber optics, inclinometers, total stations, load cells).

The solution is flexible: it is completely cloud-based, can be integrated with pre-existing solutions and systems and is fully BIM compatible.

The system applies to both existing and newly built structures, and has already been applied and validated on multiple works both in Italy and abroad.