A detailed 3D model of the viaduct

Highway Viaduct Digital Twin

A virtual representation of a real-world highway viaduct, created using digital technologies to simulate, monitor, and analyze its behavior in a virtual environment.

Initial analysis

The Problem


Total stations and optical prisms to measure asset displacements

Extensometers to assess deformations on lower and upper slab

Thermocouples to ascertain the internal temperature of the deck

Load cells to record bar tensioning force

How to predict the future structural behaviour?

Analysis and prediction of the structure state at each point
Reliable modelling of anchors and intersections
Accurate definition of the structural geometry

Solution and Value

Set up of cloud-based interactive visualization

Detailed analysis of sensor data and linking within digital twin

Parametric FEM model development for continuous calibration

Data analysis and charting in dedicated dashboard

Continuous safety factor evaluation

Predictive analysis using artificial intelligence

Continuous reporting with measurements and simulation results