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We are constantly working to improve WeStatiX and striving for perfection. Here is what we changed lately, and an overview of the road ahead.

Performance improvements

We optimized the code of the 3D editor and the whole application in general. WeStatiX performs heavy computations behind the scenes in order to display and manage 3D structural data. This can be a problem with large models, especially on less capable devices.

However, with the latest changes, we reached an improvement of 5 to 6 times compared with the previous version. This ensures the smoothest experience when calculating with WeStatiX.

Code refactoring

As part of the optimization process, we started a series of activities which we will enable us to introduce new features more quickly. First of all, we will restructure the existing code to make it easier to work with. Later, we will replace some technologies with their most modern counterparts.

Usability improvements

We also made some changes to the user interface. These include usability improvements in the dashboard and a more intuitive payment flow.

The new version of WeStatiX is already online: we hope you will enjoy simulating with it!