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Some time ago we launched our popular online calculators, which have proved very successful. Users from around the world have been using them on daily basis, and provided feedback that allowed us to make them better and better.

We are now preparing to launch a new product, which will be freely accessible online. It is still too early to disclose the launch date and the details about this new software, so for now we will just say that we are pretty excited about it. The platform will have its own, separate domain and brand name.

As a consequence, we will change the structure of our website: we will add some room to showcase our company highlights, and remove the calculators and related pages. With time, we plan to integrate the functionality of the calculators into the new platform. So stay tuned, since we will announce the launch date soon!

With this, we would like to thank all users of our calculators for their continued support. It has been a pleasure, and hopefully the first step towards a successful new tool in the world of engineering!