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As we already announced earlier, we are working hard to get our new product ready for launch. The good news is that we started the alpha testing phase, and the results are encouraging.

So, while we would still like the name to be a surprise, we think it is time to disclose the release date: if everything goes well with the tests, we will be able to release the first beta version by the end of April!

To wet your appetite, here are some more details about the new software. It will of course be aimed at the world of Engineering, specifically to Civil Engineers. In line with our company mission, it will be a step forward for workflow automation: we hope it will empower users with a new way to address and solve complex problems.

It will be cloud-based software. This will essentially enable anyone to access it with ease through the browser, or even on the go with a mobile device. We believe that this approach enhances flexibility and efficiency, and lowers the entry barrier to the world of Engineering.