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CAEmate SRL is an innovative startup company founded in Bolzano in May 2017, in the beautiful alps of South-Tirol, North-East Italy. A place famous for alpine sports more than for engineering, you will say, and actually we are skiers as well. Anyways, we weren’t interested in opening an hotel, but rather in finding better ways to design them and other structures. So, we started our adventure in engineering.

You probably have heard a lot about startups, millionaire investors, business survival ratios and so on, but there is something you will not believe till you face it, that is:

Change is tough. Innovation is even harder.

How did we start

Have you ever experienced the feeling of working on a task over and over? Maybe repeating something too often, in an inefficient way, because the tools you have at your disposal do not support any other approach? And then you think: “This should be done differently. There MUST be another way to do that!”

Well, often you cannot do it differently, because such a tool or software you wish is not available on the market. You can accept things as they are, find some workaround, try to minimize the problem and keep going. But on that day, some years ago, we decided to change. We decided to try and develop better tools by ourself, keeping in mind that the aim of engineers is to find solutions to problems and not to carry out routine operations, things for which computers are much better suited than we are.

And so, with this target, CAEmate SRL was founded, a startup company devoted to engineering workflow automation and optimization.

What we do

We are civil engineers and IT developers with solid consulting experience in mechanical and structural design. In this field, we successfully apply our automated procedures to enhance the engineering workflow.

Our team designs tunnels, bridges, buildings, and also mechanical devices of various type, even at very high temperatures. At CAEmate, we optimize geometries, choice of materials and construction methods to deliver the best solution and to enhance safety. Most of our work employs structural analysis, FEA and numerical optimization.

Our team develops new software and web applications. We are very proud to announce the release of WeStatiX, a structural analysis cloud-based software that runs directly in the web browser from any device connected to the Internet, therefore without requiring installation. We believe that engineering and scientific knowledge has an incredible value and that by sharing it, the whole community will benefit. The finite element method is based on the principle that, the higher is the element count, the better is the solution. We would like to think the same way about WeStatiX and the engineers that use it.


Join the community and start simulating in the Cloud!