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Nowadays, most civil engineering companies employ structural design programs for their projects. So, where are actually the differences by using WeStatiX cloud-based software and a conventional structural analysis program?

1. The flexibility of WeStatiX full-cloud program:

The use of a cloud-based software for structural analysis multiplies the opportunities for structural engineers. In particular, with WeStatiX web application for structural analysis you can:

  • Access the application from any device connected to the Internet (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone);
  • Avoid filling up your device with huge amount of analysis data. Everything is securely stored in the cloud and accessible from the web;
  • Avoid the use of hardware with high performance, since all calculations are performed in the cloud;
  • Share your calculation models with colleagues directly, without slow and dangerous uploads/downloads;
  • No installationno manual updateno maintenance and no compatibility problems due to projects performed with outdated program versions;
  • Best allocation of resources, use only what you need.

2. Simplified user workflow

WeStatiX has been specifically designed with an easy sequence of design steps. This reduces the necessary user actions, so that you can focus on the input data and on the problem at hand.

Many FEA software notify about input errors only when the analysis is started. Therefore, the user must to go back to the calculation settings and figure out where the problem originates.

Instead, WeStatiX checks every input in real time. Therefore, any mistake is promptly and easily corrected.

The software supports the user step-by-step in the set-up procedure, with the purpose to avoid workflow interruptions.

Furthermore, WeStatiX implements a parametric GUI, which makes it possible to modify the geometry of the model as many times as you want.

If you change any part of the structure, you will see the entire model updating in real time. All the defined supports, properties and loads will remain effective, allowing you to re-run the calculation right after the modification.

3. Benefit from the public projects library

Maybe the best thing about the Internet is related to its efficiency in permitting communication and transfer of information.

We believe that sharing expertise and knowledge is important, and that it can lead to better and sustainable progress for everyone.

Have you ever started a structural design with a type of structure you never dealt with? Maybe a kind of design you are not really an expert in, and you struggle finding an example of a similar calculation?

In WeStatiX you can access a library of public structural analysis projects: pick the project you prefer and review it, modify it or simply adapt it to fit your requirements.

And if you like your model, you can share it with the community. Get impressions, comments and suggestions, or simply ask your colleagues to review it.

4. Highest result precision

The WeStatiX team performs thousands of tests and comparisons with analytical results, with reference software and with the solution of model problems.

Furthermore, there is a continuous exchange of ideas and information between our team and the users: new ideas can be discussed and refined, and when they are implemented, the new software version is immediately available to everyone. No need for upgrades!

5. Affordable

Last but not least, the improved allocation of resources made possible by the cloud approach, makes the WeStatiX web application an extremely cost-effective tool when compared with conventional structural analysis software.

If you read the post until this point, maybe you are ready to start your first structural analysis in the browser. It is Free!