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CAEmate SRL is delighted to announce the first release of WeStatiX, a 3D web application for structural analysis and numerical simulation directly in the cloud.

We have been working hard on its development for several months. Finally, our team releases its next-generation software for structural analysis in the web browser. In line with CAEmate company mission, WeStatiX is a step forward for workflow automation. We believe that its approach will empower the users and lower the entry barrier to the engineering world.

What’s different with WeStatiX?

WeStatiX is a cloud-based application, this means that you do not need to install any software to use it:

  • You can perform finite element analysis (FEA) from any device connected to the Internet, such as laptops, tablets or smartphones;
  • It does not require any manual program upgrade, license renewal, or maintenance. The software is always up-to-date;
  • There is no need to save Gigabytes of results files on your device, all the data are securely stored in the cloud.

Easy. Precise. From Everywhere!

WeStatiX provides a three dimensional CAD user interface, which allows you to build your structural model directly online. In a few minutes, you can define support conditions and loads, run the simulation and post-process the results, such as displacements, internal forces, reaction forces and much more.

You can use it from everywhere. The only thing you need is to connect your device to the Internet and to access your account! The software supports all web browsers and operative systems, such as MacOS, Windows or Linux.

You can get started in less than one minute:

  1. Open a Free account;
  2. Build a structural model with the very intuitive 3D CAD interface;
  3. If you prefer, you can also open one of the Public Projects and use it as a template;
  4. Apply loads, constraints and define the properties of your structure;
  5. Run the analysis and post-process the results from your favorite web browser!

WeStatiX Library of Public Projects

From the WeStatiX platform you can access for free a library of Public Projects, which you can use as templates for your own calculations. Each structural model is ready to be run or to be modified as you wish.

Each user can share his projects with the community, get advices and new ideas on possible improvements.

Of course, you can also have Private Projects, which will never be accessible by anyone else but you. We take the protection of your data very seriously.

We” in “WeStatiX” refers to you, us, and every engineer, architect and professional that wants to join the WeStatiX community and contribute improve structural analysis and design. Our team believes that sharing our knowledge can lead to a better sustainable progress and advantages for everyone.

Let’s make Engineering Easy

In line with CAEmate’s company mission, WeStatiX wants to make structural analysis easy and efficient.

The approach to a new Finite Element software is usually complex, since the user must dive deep into the program functions. The new user must deal with never-ending function “trees” and understand the meaning of several program icons. Therefore, they need to invests significant time in studying the software documentation.

Not with WeStatiX. We focused on developing a software which simplifies the calculation workflow:

  • To create a new structure in the 3D web interface, you just need to click (to start a new member or to connect nodes) and to double click (to finish drawing the member).
  • WeStatiX splits the set-up in a sequence of simple operations, such as drawing the geometry, applying supports and loads, or assigning the properties to the model.
  • The software validates the user input in real time. Hence, it is much easier to avoid possible mistakes.
  • The structure model updates in real time. Therefore, the user can go back anytime, make any change and rerun the analysis without wasting time.

WeStatiX: build up the future, together!