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Because together is better!

WeStatiX is a cloud-based structural engineering software for numerical simulation and structural analysis directly in the web browser. The community users can perform finite element analysis (FEA) simply by accessing their accounts.

With WeStatiX, there is no need for powerful hardware, program installation or manual upgrades.

You can access and run structural calculations from any device connected to the Internet, and you will find the application always up-to-date.

Boost your design with calculation templates

The features and power of the cloud come with another important advantage: the possibility of sharing knowledge.

If you want to share the analysis results with your colleagues, there is no need to upload, transfer and download huge files. Since all the data are securely stored in the cloud, the projects are accessible from everywhere!

Do you need help with your current problem? Do you want to see how other engineers of the community use WeStatiX web application?

Are you designing a type of structure that you never calculated before? Maybe a project in a field you are not an expert in, and you struggle finding some examples of similar calculations?

With WeStatiX you can access a number of already set-up Finite Element models. You can check out the results, the applied loads, the internal forces and estimate the solution of your own problem. You can also examine the model, the used materials, the thickness of slabs or cross-section of the members. Then, you can modify properties and geometry according to your needs, and run your own FE analysis.

You can find three-dimensional models for bridges, buildings, underground structures, canals, retaining walls, scaffoldings, timber roof trusses, foundations, masts, frames and pillars, simple beam analyses and many more.

Contribute to improve engineering

If you want, you can also share your model with your colleagues and friends. They will give you advices and tips. And, if the model is well built, they will like it and share it as well!

We think that engineering benefits from the collaboration and mutual help of engineers throughout the world. We can learn a lot from each other. For example, we can learn about new calculation methods and codes, or about different architectures. We can also get innovative design ideas. Cloud-based platforms like WeStatiX make simulation and structural analysis accessible to everyone, from everywhere, in a very simple and efficient way.

The Public Project library of structural analysis projects is open to anyone visiting WeStatiX. Get started now, it is Free!