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A large cross-sections database with hundreds of profiles is online in the last WeStatiX version. Furthermore, the last upgrade WeStatiX makes available a number of brand new features.

In the same way as for the materials, you can define and save your cross-sections in your My Sections Database. Let’s check out how it works!

Cross-sections database

In database of WeStatiX you currently find a very large collection of profiles:

  • Rectangles / Hollow Rectangles
  • Bars and Tubes
  • I-Beams, W-Beams or H-Beams
  • C-Profiles (Channels)
  • L-Beams (Angles) with equal and unequal legs

The cross-sectional parameters are defined according to the data provided by the major engineering standards and manufacturers, therefore you can trust the analysis results.

Parametric Cross-Sections and My Sections Database

If you can’t find the cross-section you are searching for in WeStatiX database, you can always create a new one.

By using the Parametric Sections, it is very easy to define the profiles that you desire.

Once you defined it, you can SAVE them. Consequently, you will be always able to reuse them by accessing your own My Sections Database.

The cross-sectional properties such as moment of inertia and torsional constant are automatically calculated by our solvers, for any possible geometry. Therefore, you can perform structural analysis without worrying about the input of these data.

Have fun by shaping your sections in the cloud!