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A very large materials database has been introduced in the last release of WeStatiX , together with several other exciting new features.

You can therefore very quickly assign a material to your structure and perform a FE-simulation. You can also make experiments, and select the optimal materials for your model.

Furthermore, you can also create and save materials in your private account by using your private My Materials database. In this way, you can create your custom material library.

Materials database

In the WeStatiX materials database the user can find thousands of materials according the major engineering standards (such as ENACICSAASTM, IS) of a large number of countries (e.g. ItalyGermanyAustriaUSGreat BritainChinaCanadaIndia and many other).

In WeStatiX materials database, you can currently find:

  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Prestressing Steel
  • Reinforcement Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Timber

Once you select a material, you can easily assign it to a structural member or to a shell and perform structural analysis. Of course you can also edit it or define your own.

All of this, as always, without installing any software. This is possible thanks to WeStatiX web-based GUI, which allows you to perform structural analysis directly in the cloud!

MyMaterials database

In your personal WeStatiX account, you can also save the materials you create.

To do it, you simply have to (as in the video above):

  1. Edit a material from the database. Or define a new Parametric material;
  2. Click on “SAVE” at the end of the column;
  3. Then, you will find it under My Materials;
  4. Of course, you can also decide to delete it anytime.

In this way, every time you want to reuse a material you already defined, you can simply access your own My Materials Database.

WeStatiX keeps adding new features and improving the user-experience. So stay tuned, much more is coming soon!