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By improving usability, we want to allow you to handle structural analysis in a more flexible, intuitive and direct way.

Therefore, in the last version WeStatiX release, we add a set of exciting new features.

The last release introduces the material database and the cross-section database. Furthermore, we add some very cool functions that make your work more rapid and efficient. Check them out!

Entity scale sliders

Since its first release, WeStatiX has a Scale Slider which allows to custom the size of the entities in the interface. However, often you would like to scale independently resultsloads and  supports depending on your model.

Furthermore, you probably would like to do that easily, without getting in trouble how to do that.

That’s why we introduced the Entity Scale Sliders. 

With them, you can increase or decrease the size of supports, loads and results independently. In this way, building the model and post-processing the results becomes easier than ever.

Interactive change of load position

With the last WeStatiX version, you can adjust interactively the location of member loads. As you can see in the video, you can move concentrated loads and distributed loads along any member, with great improvement of the usability.

Imagine you want to investigate the response of the structure with different positions of a concentrated load. You simply need to drag it and rerun the analysis. The WeStatiX GUI also informs you on the exact position of the load from the member start, leading to the maximum results precision.

WeStatiX automatically meshes the structure by taking into account the location of the loads. This operation is very important to get precise results by calculating with the Finite Element Method.